Optus and Curtin University have partnered to co-fund the first testing lab for 5G technologies in Western Australia, enabling the university to deliver high-impact and innovative digital learning and research opportunities, through the use of integrated technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Amy McDonnell of Iota designed the interior for this state of the art laboratory with lighting design by ALTI playing a leading role in the experience of this tech aesthetic arena. Manipulation of light in key areas was imperative to composing a balance between illuminating the space for vision and clarity, alongside styling for black on black materials and finishes, to create a cutting edge futuristic feel.

The black curved perimeter is designed to recede and give centre stage to the island work bench. Task lighting is cast down over the bench with rows of cool tone LEDs that wrap and reflect in the void of an infinity mirror positioned above. 

Destination lighting in electric blue is concealed under benches to guide guests to seating positions, complimenting contrast highlights throughout the room, and shape the telecommunications technology hub into a unearthly sci-fi control centre.