The purpose of commissioning is to ensure your lighting system performs as designed, and that all componentry has been installed correctly.

In addition to our design and supply services, ALTI offers an optional lighting commissioning service.

Our commissioning service includes:

1. Design review
  • Detailed review of the installation alongside the approved design to verify the system and all componentry have been installed as planned.
  • Test, verify and make any fine adjustments needed to ensure the system functions correctly and meets the original design intent.  For example, adjusting spotlights to ensure accurate aim, twisting downlights to correct direction, adjusting track lights to optimize coverage.
  • Lighting levels are measured against design specifications to verify performance.
  • Liaise with home automation person to set or adjust scenes if required
2. Technical review, minor adjustments and testing
  • Inspection: The system is inspected to ensure all equipment and fittings are installed to the manufacturers’ specifications and are compliant with relevant codes.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any minor issues,
  • Verification of controls: The control systems are checked to ensure they operate as intended.
  • Final testing: On completion the system is tested again to ensure all issues have been resolved.
3. Documentation
  • A report is provided to the client including the results of the commissioning process, any issues identified and corrected, and any recommendations for ongoing maintenance.


The cost of the commissioning service varies depending on the size and complexity of the system. Once the system design is finalised ALTI can provide a quote for approval.


The benefits of professional commissioning include improved lighting quality, improved energy efficiency, a longer lifespan for the system and peace-of-mind for the client that their system has been installed and is performing as designed.

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