Lighting Automation & Control

Effective lighting control can make a significant difference to the performance and ease-of-use of your lighting system. 

Broadly speaking there are two options for lighting control:

  1. Simple controls - The traditional way is to use simple switches and dimmers whereby lighting is controlled room by room. For many applications this is all that is required.
  2. Smart controls - When more sophisticated or complex control is desired this can be achieved by way of a smart control system whereby lighting for the whole property can be managed from a single device or location. As required, ALTI’s specialist home automation and control consultant will work with your lighting designer to develop your automation and control system.

While your ALTI consultant can work with whatever control technology your project dictates, we recommend Casambi, in our estimation the most robust, cost-effective, and future proof wireless lighting control solution available today.

Casambi Smart Lighting Control

Casambi is a full-featured, easy-to-use wireless, lighting control system suitable for all applications and compatible with all major lighting protocols. 

Why we recommend Casambi

  • Functionality - Allows you to create ‘scenes’ which are pre-set lighting configurations to meet the changing requirements of your space. Casambi also allows you to set your lighting to respond automatically to particular times, light levels or weather.
  • Versatile and flexible – easy to use in one room, or across the whole system
  • Robust and reliable –uses Bluetooth technology so it’s not reliant on internet connection
  • Modular – easy to apply, no additional wiring required, and it can be implemented in stages if required
  • Open source – Casambi’s programming language is widely recognised so many technicians can support it
  • Cost effective.

How does it work?

  • Casambi technology is built into each light fitting which creates its own wireless lighting network
  • Once the lighting installation is complete the app is used to create lighting scenarios to suit the various needs of the space. Clients can do this themselves or their Alti designer can work with our in-house Casambi programmer to set up the system.
  • Once set up the client can control the lighting in their property from anywhere through the app and/or the automatic timer function.


  • Hardware - Costs are dependent on the selected light fittings, quantity and power load. Once the client has signed off on the final lighting plan their Alti designer will prepare a quote for approval.
  • Casambi programming (optional) – Our Casambi programmer along with the lighting designer attend the site to set up the Casambi system. This involves programming the various scenes required, making any fine adjustments and ensuring the system delivers the design vision. They will then show the client how to use the app.
  • There are no ongoing costs for using Casambi.

We are ready to talk when you are so email your plans or pick up the phone, we are happy to help.