Transition House


Designed By Craig Steere Architects, this new family home was formed around the front portion of an existing house, maintaining the building facade in keeping with it's immediate neighbourhood context, and adding a modern extension to the rear. 

Beyond the front part of the house, the architectural language transitions with a zone comprised of a solar courtyard, stairs and bathrooms. This section repurposes materials from the demolished parts of the existing house to create new and unique details, bridging the old and new styles with a sense of progression and connection.

A range of neat LED products were utilised in the lighting design, integrating componentry into architectural details and cabinetry. Miniature recessed fittings pool light into niches and on to stairs, and concealed LED strip lights highlight surfaces. These are great examples of some clever ideas that can be used to create ambient scenes, without complicating a contemporary space with further decorative lighting elements.