Named after the patron saint reputed to turn water into beer, the St Brigid Bar offers great food, quality wine and cocktails, and naturally, a solid craft beer selection. Siobhan Blumann and Hamish Fleming of Bread & Circuses are responsible for the cool and cosy new bar in Doubleview, and the neighbourhood is loving it.

Long time Bread & Circuses collaborator Patrick Miller of Finespun Architecture designed the space for the locals, recreating intimate spaces across two levels with private rooms, a sunken courtyard, and an outdoor fireplace.

We were lucky to work closely with this stellar team and design the lighting to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Decorative lighting over the bar plays with a repetition of geometry, echoing arches throughout the bones of the building. This custom concept was designed with neon flex lengths fitted to convex frames fixed to the ceiling. 

Panorama linear wall lights in a tubular profile compliment the bar lights and maintain notions of architectural shapes in curved form.