ALTI Lighting collaborated with The Colour Royale to design an exterior lighting layout that would withstand the test of time for this architectural southwest home. Featuring highly durable copper and corten fittings to blend with rustic textures whilst being suitable for a coastal climate. Hunza Copper path lights were utilised to patina off and fuse with the timber decking, and provide a unique lighting effect to the rear steps for a safe descent down to the backyard. Hunza Copper spike spots were continued through garden beds to gently highlight garden edges and features and blend with their surroundings. The Edge 100 Corten exterior wall lights tie in perfectly with the striking Corten panels of the Garage walls. A range of Hunza exterior fittings including path lights, step lights and garden spike spots were used outside the home where maximum durability was a high priority in this seaside environment. 

Photos by Dion Robeson.