Don't underestimate the humble weed. Dandelion bar, located at the new West Deck precinct in Karrinyup, is a shopping centre dining experience worlds above your typical food court feed. The multi-level kitchen and bar dishes out wood fired gourmet bites, alongside a selection of cheeky cocktails made with gin and vodka from their in-house distillery. 

Designed by MJA Studio, the interior showcases a grand 105 litre copper still by the entry, leading into an industrial space textured by stone and brick and livened with plenty of lush greenery. 

The lighting design by Alti provides balance to the feel of the venue, creating intimacy and warmth with a discrete range of simple LED products. 

A combination of LED strip lighting solutions bring atmosphere to the bar. The key to this effect is balancing contrast, achieved by architectural integration with indirect light. We love how the highlighted niches showcase Dandelion produce with a subtle glimmer through the charming translucent spirit bottles. Additional LED is built into the mesh frame over the bar in an upward direction, accenting the structure and reflecting light from the ceiling.

A selection of neat fittings throughout dining spaces compliment the industrial look without dominating. Directional spots, slim cylindrical pendants and a sleek magnetic track system work together, pooling light over tables, giving centre stage to delicious culinary delights.