The Kepler Pendant by NEMO is displayed in the entry to the University of WA Arts Building. Suspended in the void to accentuate the openness and height of the space whilst showcasing itself as an art form; inspiration for the students working in its surrounds. The Kepler houses a dimmable 65W LED, comfortably lighting the area with up to 6300 lumens. It's black looped frame contrasts against the ceiling drawing your eye up into the void.

Complemented by the timeless Applique De Marseille wall light, washing light both up and down the wall, whilst also lending itself to the height of the room. Tipping it's hat to design history, the Applique De Marseille was designed by the late Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. Such a classic piece finding it's home in the Arts department of UWA seems fitting in more ways than just it's practicality.