Amy Baines Hair have relocated to Claremont with a new salon in Bayview Terrace where they offer styling and colour services alongside educational resources in the creative field. 

ALTI were approached to collaborate in the design of the new fit out in order to create an atmospheric and practical outcome for the lighting.  The greatest challenge in lighting a hair salon is getting the colours right. To ensure hair is illuminated with true colour by comparison to natural day light, LED needs to offer a combination of high colour rendering and appropriate colour temperatures. 

In this instance we've applied a daylight colour temperature above locations where styling and colouring is performed. A neutral warm colour temperature is incorporated in accents around the perimeter of the salon to ensure the space maintains a warm and relaxed feel for a luxurious client experience. 

Our favourite accent here has to be the organic blob niches. Simple miniature downlights recessed atop, showcase the salon's hair products, casting sweet shadows and drawing attention to the subtle display.