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Tridonic basicDim Wireless Outdoors

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The basicDIM Wireless OTD is a Bluetooth device that controls the Tridonic PSensors and MSensors. The module is powered by a IEC 62386 compatible power supply.

This device can extend a Casambi wireless network outdoor with 150m maximum range between 2 devices.
The range of the radio signal depends on the environment, weather conditions and installation height. The influence of e.g. buildings, trees or bridges between the individual RFNodes as well as specific weather conditions such as rain and snow must be checked and accepted on site.

The basicDIM Wireless OTD module is fully compatible with Casambi networks which support up to 250 nodes (Evolution networks). If the module is used with different types of basicDIM Wireless devices in an Evolution network, their compatibility has to be checked before. Multiple devices automatically form a mesh network that can be controlled from any point. These networks communicate wirelessly directly with the smartphone or tablet. Therefore, an external gateway or wireless LAN network is not needed.

Exterior surface mount
IP rating
  • DALI
Exterior surface mount
  • - Can be integrated in Casambi systems (Casambi Ready)
  • - Wireless controllable with an Android / iOS smart device
  • - No need for an external gateway device
  • - Forms automatically a wireless communication network with up to 250 nodes