• Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Module

Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Module

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Wirelessly controllable via Android / iOS smart phone device, the Tridonic basicDIM Wireless Module eliminates the need for an external gateway device. Devices automatically form a secure wireless mesh network so that a large number of fixtures can be controlled from any point.

basicDIM Wireless is a wireless control unit for dimmable LED Drivers with 0-10v, 1-10v or DALI dimming interface. The control output can be configured either as analogue 0-10v, 1-10v or digital Standalone DALI control interface. When the output is configured as Standalone DALI, basicDIM Wireless acts both as a controller and as a power supply making it possible to connect directly to an LED Driver with DALI interface without the need for an external DALI power supply. The Standalone DALI makes it possible to implement multi-channel luminaires with adjustable colour (RGB) or colour temperature, while keeping the wiring and number of components at their minimum.

IP rating
  • 0-10V
  • 1-10V
  • DALI
  • - Wireless controllable with a Android / iOS smart device
  • - No need for an external gateway device
  • - Automatically forms a wireless communication network with up to 250 nodes
  • - Small form factor for luminaire installation
  • - Configurable analogue / digital output
  • - Analogue output: 0 – 10 V / 1 – 10 V sinking / sourcing
  • - Digital output: Standalone DALI (compatible)
  • - RGB and colour temperature controls
  • - Controllable switched mains output
  • - Device firmware can be updated over-the-air
5 Years Warranty