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  • G5 35w fluorescent

T5 35w Fluorescent

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The 35w T5 Fluorescent is a 1449mm long tube, commonly used in linear lighting products providing a diffused illumination, ideal for use in service access areas where general light is required.  The T5 also know as the T16 is a reference to its tube diameter of ​5⁄8 inch or 16mm.  Available in a range of colour temperatures, the T5 is also available in other lengths and wattages. 

  • 35w
Colour temperature
  • 3000K (3320lm)
  • 4000K (3320lm)
  • 6500K (3050lm)
  • 220-240VAC (Mains)
Colour rendering
CRI 80
  • DALI
  • DSI
  • - 24000 hour lifespan
  • - Luminous efficacy: up to 104 lm/W