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Soraa Vivid AR111

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The Soraa Vivid AR111 is a retrofit LED lamp powered by third generation GaN on GaN LED technology. Featuring 95CRI for superior colour rendering and a single source LED available in 2700K (warmer white), 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (neautral white) colour temperatures with 4 different beam angles; 8⁰, 25⁰, and 36⁰ by way of point source optics.  Powered by a high output LED in a choice of 12.5w or 18.5w. Soraa lamps are supplied with a 3 year warranty and a 35,000hr rated life.

  • 12.5w or 18.5w
  • 8⁰, 25⁰, 36⁰
Colour temperature
  • 575lm at 12.5w 2700K 930lm at 18.5w 2700K
  • 620lm at 12.5w 3000K 1000lm at 18.5w 3000K
  • 645lm at 12.5w 4000K 1040lm at 18.5w 4000K
  • 12V DC
  • 12V AC
Colour rendering
CRI 95
  • Phase Dimmable
3 years or 25,000hrs