• MR16 Halogen 20w

MR16 Halogen IRC 20w

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The MR16 IRC 20w is 12V Halogen reflector lamp with a GU5.3 base.  Commonly used in downlights, landscape lighting as well as bar spots and track lighting.  The MR16 is constructed from a single-ended quartz halogen filament capsule encased inside a conical multifaceted dichroic reflector which allows infrared radiation from the filament to pass through the reflector while it reflects visible radiation forward.  It is available in a range of different reflectors which provide different beam spreads.

  • 20w (300lm)
  • 10°
  • 24°
  • 36°
  • 60°
  • 12V AC
Colour rendering
CRI 100
  • Phase Dimmable