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Casambi Realtime Clock Bluetooth Module

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Real-time clock unit that keeps the network time updated after network wide power losses. This is a device that keeps memory of Casambi timers for scenarios when power supply is missing or because of a temporary black-out. The programming and time settings are pushed to the network again when power is restored. Inside is an independent precision clock, with 24h working autonomy. The device does not need a battery.

  • 220-240VAC (Mains)
  • Casambi
  • - • Command: Push Button Normally Open, setting by APP
  • - • Time clock storing to keep on memory Casambi scenarios in case of temporarily black-out
  • - Allows to keep memory the clock of Casambi Network for 24 hours
  • - • Precision clock
  • - Synchronization of scenarios and programs of Casambi in case of black-out or temporarily missing of power supply.
  • - Synchronization and storing of the circadian profile set by Casambi App
  • - Extended temperature range