• Liga Air SP 240

Casambi Motion Detector/Light Sensor Small

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This small motion sensor has a low power consumption at just 0.4 watts and is ultra-light at just 25g. It contains a PIR and a light sensor for the detection of motion both in and outdoors. Used in conjunction with Casambi results in considerable reductions in energy consumption by only using light when necessary. Follow-Me, Swarm-Control and Active / Standby solutions for applications in office, industry, retail, hospitality and outdoor can also be implemented. The sensor is IP44 protected, requires just a 230V power line.

  • 220-240VAC (Mains)
  • Casambi
  • - Smallest Casambi Motion Detector
  • - Directly Supplied with 230VAC
  • - Smallest Power Consumption
  • - Simply Operates with Casamabi