Getting your vanity lighting just right!

Inadequate vanity lighting can really let a bathroom design down, as well as make it difficult to see your face sufficiently when shaving or applying make-up. Luckily, there are a few different ways to achieve ideal vanity lighting!

To provide even lighting to either side of your face, wall lights positioned on both sides of a mirror is optimal. This provides the least amount of shadows and offers lighting at face height. 

If this doesn't work well with your bathroom layout, positioning a light on the wall above the mirror is a great second option as the light is still in front of you. A longer horizontal light is ideal as this helps to direct the light to either side of your face, avoiding casting downward shadows. 

Alternatively, if wall lighting just isn't going to work in your bathroom, positioning downlights over both sides of a vanity basin can also work. Downlights on either side helps to provide an even spread of light to either side of your face, so you're not having to turn your head when shaving or applying make-up.

Image 1: Smile Wall Light by Estiluz
Image 2: La Roche Wall Light by Nemo Lighting