Lighting Design Services

We are committed to innovative design and use the latest lighting design software to provide our clients with a true indication and vision of what their space will look like.

If a client requires a simpler design service we can also provide hand drawn markups of plans and verbal design advice. Our extensive ranges of commercial and domestic fixtures are sourced from around the world, and include technical, architectural and decorative fixtures for both contemporary and traditional applications.

This enables us to supply the highest quality components for a wide range of budgets. We strive to ensure your project is delivered on time and price whilst complying with building electrical codes and energy efficiency requirements.


Appropriate lighting influences not only our purchasing patterns but also how long we spend in a store and our emotions during the shopping experience. Equally it affects our comfort and mood at a restaurant, bar and hotel.

Whether it’s for a department store, a niche boutique, fine dining restaurant or hole in the wall café, the right lighting significantly increases a business’s success. We are able to interface between interior designers, architects, builders and the client to achieve the best result, to suit your budget and requirements.

ALTI Lighting also provides a design service for a variety of other environments including multi residential, offices, hotels, health clubs, galleries and aged care developments.


ALTI Lighting has been at the forefront of residential design and supply in Perth for over twenty years, earning a status for our extensive lighting knowledge and wide range of lighting. We understand it’s your home – so getting it right is paramount. 

Our residential design consultants can provide you with a tailored design and layout around your brief, to create a unique design suited to your specific requirements. With our large range of stocked fixtures combined with an extensive list of suppliers, ALTI can provide both functional and decorative fixtures to suit almost any project.



After an initial brief by either phone or in our showroom we create a time frame, design guidelines and expectations to suit the project. Then we will complete:

  • A lighting layout complete with reflected ceiling plan showing the location of fixtures

  • A luminaires schedule with images and details about the fixture we recommend

  • A luminance (lux) calculation and shadow diagram in plan and in 3D

  • J6 Energy Efficiency Compliance report

We stock and display a wide range of fixtures that can be viewed and demonstrated to you in our showroom and dark rooms. A fee is generally not applicable for most commercial consultations.

Our optional services also include site testing and commissioning, custom luminaire design, and dimming control testing.


It all starts with a free 90 minute initial consultation, where we discuss your desired direction of the project, establish a general design brief, and make some fitting style selections.

Depending upon the package you select, our residential lighting team will then prepare your draft design using CAD (computer aided design), and provide a documentation package that includes:

  • Provisional lighting layout

  • Luminaires schedule

  • Quotation for fixture supply

  • Lux calculations and 3D lighting renders (Premium)

  • Dimming Control Schedule (Premium)

The documentation is usually produced within one to two weeks, but turnaround times will be advised upon initial consultation.  After this there is a second meeting to discuss the design and selections and make changes before issuing you with a revised documentation package. 

Residential Fees

Design Package Inclusions