Lighting Design Services

Our team of professionally qualified Lighting Designers can help you create the way the spaces between your walls look and feel.

Yes, you can approach the lighting requirements of your building simply as a function of engineering and produce a perfectly adequate, technically compliant lighting solution. We can help you with that.

However, if you do that you will be missing an opportunity because a creative, carefully considered, integrated lighting design can add enormous value and allure to your project. Not only can it meet the functional requirements, but it can also transform and sculpt the space, influencing its ambience, creating drama and mood, and enhancing its aesthetic.

This is the passion of the lighting designers at ALTI Lighting. Each brings their own unique skills and experience across a wide range of residential, landscape and commercial projects. But most of all each brings their love of and belief in the transformative power of creativity.

The Process

A project usually begins with a preliminary meeting at which we explore the brief together. Together with the architect, engineer, interior designer or property owner we develop a clear understanding of the project requirements and constraints including any special site considerations, the desired aesthetics, objectives and uses of various spaces, performance requirements, budgets and timing.

Although creatively driven we employ sophisticated lighting design software to develop our response. This enables us to present detailed 3D renders of a proposed design along with a schedule of fittings, performance specifications and detailed quotation. Typically, we present a preliminary design to ensure we are meeting client’s requirements and expectations, then we collaborate with the lead consultant or property owner to refine this to the final detailed design.

If a client simply requires some design advice, we are happy to provide that too, either verbally or via marked up plans.

ALTI Lighting design services include:

Residential lighting design 

ALTI Lighting has been at the forefront of residential lighting design and supply in Perth for almost 30 years during which time we have earned a reputation among discerning clients for our creativity, extensive technical knowledge and our wide range of quality lighting products, many of which are exclusive to ALTI in Australia. Read more...

Commercial lighting design 

Appropriate lighting design is often a critical success factor in a commercial environment. Colour temperatures and ambient lighting affect our mood, how comfortable or safe we feel, the way produce actually appears in a store. It has been shown to directly effect purchasing behaviour, how long customers stay, and how they feel about your brand. Read more...

Landscape lighting design 

Landscape lighting can be the piece de resistance of your building project. The building and its garden or grounds are one thing during the day then as the day gives way to evening the property transitions into its magnificent nighttime persona. Read more...

We are ready to talk when you are so email your plans or pick up the phone, we are happy to help.