Mid-Century Pendant Lights

Mid-Century Pendants are available in a range of styles suitable for a variety of spaces. Mid-Century pendants are most commonly used over Kitchen islands, Dining tables, Entryways and Passages, however depending on their size and the size of the space they can also be used in Living rooms, Bedrooms and even Bathrooms. They will come in a range of materials and finishes such as blown clear, opal or coloured glass, metal finishes, brass and bronze finishes, fabric shades and different paint finishes.  Mid-Century pendants can be the showpiece of the room, like a sculpture or a piece of art, or simple and understated to complement the space and let another piece be the feature.  There really is nothing like a beautifully designed mid-century pendant to finish off a stunning space.  Our range of mid-century pendants includes; standard pendants, decorative, ornate designs, classic designs and industrial designs, crystal pendants, all in a range of finishes and colours.