Exterior Lantern Light

Exterior Lantern Lights are available in a range of styles suitable for a variety of spaces. Exterior Lanterns are most commonly used on front facades, porches, verandas, Entries and Alfresco's. They will come in a range of materials and finishes such as aluminium, brass, steel and powder coated colours and different paint finishes.  Exterior Lanterns can be the showpiece of the facade, like the jewelry to your home, or simple and understated to complement the scheme and let other pieces be the feature. There really is nothing like a beautifully designed exterior wall lantern to finish off a stunning home. Our range of Exterior Lanterns includes;  Traditional lanterns, minimal designs. Contemporary designs, ornate designs, classic designs, rustic and industrial designs, Hamptons styles, brass based designs for coastal applications, all in a range of finishes and colours.