Copper Outdoor Wall Lights

Copper Outdoor Wall Lights are constructed either entirely from copper or paired with other fine finishes such as glass and brass and are available in a wide range of styles. This traditional method of lamp manufacturing is not limited to traditional designs, there is also a range of Contemporary and decorative designs that will suit almost any decor. They can be polished to give a bright, shiny finish, or left raw to dull off with age and have a deeper bronze appearance. Copper outdoor wall lights can be both practical and decorative, adding a touch of rustic appeal to a facade as well as creating some warmth and ambiance to make a home more inviting. Copper exterior wall lights are often designed for use on front facades, Entries, Alfresco and outdoor areas. They are extremely durable for coastal or salty environments. Our range of copper outdoor wall lights includes; traditional designs, minimal designs, contemporary styles, industrial styles, spots lights, step lights and interesting creative pieces.