Coastal Table Lamps

Coastal table lamps feature a range of materials such as ceramic, wood and glass that embody organic curves, textured finishes and beachy tones.  The combining of contrasting raw and organic materials such as timber and concrete or blown glass and iron with soft fabric shades creates a harmony that compliments the seaside theme.  Gentle aqua and grey pastel tones in glazed ceramic or porcelain bases are often paired with white linen.  This timeless style focuses on simplicity of design to be both practical and decorative, adding a touch of colour and warmth to a corner of a room as well as an ambient low level localised light.  Coastal lamps are almost always designed for use with a lamp shade, of which the design size of will largely be dictated by the lamp base.  Our range of coastal lamps includes; ceramic styles, bold solid colour, sculptural, organic materials and textures and minimal styles.