Brass Table Lamps

Brass lamps are constructed either entirely from brass or paired with other fine materials such as marble, porcelain or ceramic in a wide range of styles.  This traditional method of lamp manufacturing is not limited to traditional designs, there is also a wide range of contemporary and sculptural designs that will suit almost any decor.  Some of the more traditional styles are hand made and finished using a sand loss wax casting method.  They can be polished to give a bright, shiny finish, or left raw to dull off with age and have a bronze appearance.  Brass lamps are both practical and decorative, adding a touch of class to a corner of a room as well as an ambient low level of localised light.  Brass lamps are almost always designed for use with a lamp shade, which the design size of will largely be dictated by the lamp base.  Our range of brass lamps includes; ornate designs, contemporary styles, combinations with marble or ceramic, traditional and Mid-Century modern styles.