Bedside Table Lamps

A bedside lamp is the perfect way to provide ambiance by the bed or to give a task based light for reading by.  The bedside lamp should complement the bedroom where ambient lighting is desired. They are both practical and decorative, adding a spark of colour to a side table as well as an ambient low level localised light. Decorative lamps are almost always designed for use with a lamp shade, of which the design size of will largely be dictated by the lamp base.  Reading lamps will feature a directional shade or an adjustable arm to bring the light to where you are reading, but they are also available in a wide range of designs.  There is a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs that will suit almost any decor.  Bedside lamps are an easy way to add style to a bedroom as they are portable and interchangeable. Just like a piece of art, a beautiful table lamp can finish off your special space. Our abundant range of bedside lamps include; adjustable and articulated styles, traditional, classic and contemporary styles, solid colours, hand painted, organic and rustic styles, minimal designs, blown glass, metal and ceramic styles.