Serge and Robert Cornelissen

Serge Cornelissen has 20 years of experience in the design of architectural lighting products. Cornelissen started his career as a graduate architect and through his approach to product design has continued to demonstrate a particular love for architecture and design. His architectural background has led to a particular acknowledgement of lighting solutions in their architectural context, also enhancing the chances of a product's success on the market.

The intent of each of his new design projects is to combine aesthetics, technical and economic constraints into a meaningful concept with a clear mission to perform a certain lighting requirement. As these conditions are different every time, each new design starts from scratch, with a single line on a sheet of paper. For that reason, the designs by Serge Cornelissen are not characterised by a recognisable style or a designer's signature justifying certain aesthetical choices. Instead, the bureau's philosophy is that the field of architectural lighting is just as diverse as architecture itself.

Serge Cornelissen designs are regularly rewarded by international design awards.