Sandro Santantonio

The Sandro Santantonio Design Studio focuses on Architecture, Interior & Industrial Design, Graphics, Packaging & Fashion Design with special research into trends, studying the materials and new technology to create products for the contract, fashion and technical lighting sectors.

They design highly creative spaces and products, following a special method and care which are the result of extensive research, covering all quality design fields: concept, planning, rendering, solving any technical problems through to the final production.

Studio Sandro Santantonio Design has received some very important awards, among which the special mention at Young&Design 2004 for the Flower armchair, two special mentions at Young&Design 2005 for the Dune sofas and the Zoe lamp collection, special mention at Young&Design 2006 for the Wave table, the First Prize at the shipping competition Abitare il Mare 2006 sponsored by Seatec- Carrara Fiere when they designed a standard cabin for luxury cruise ships and, last but not least, the special prize "for the project that best identified innovative solutions but with an extremely simple logic” at Young&Design 2007 which they won for the Trinity lamp collection.