Mauro Olivieri

Mauro Olivieri studied at Genoa’s Art School and at the Department of Architecture of the town’s university. In 1986 he set up the Laboratorio Maio studio, a creativity and image centre, which as well as specialising in architecture design, focuses on interior design, production design, food design, graphic design, communications, landscape design and floral decorations. His work is centred on the research and study of new production technologies, namely natural raw and derived materials, in a reinterpretation of formal and typological contents to seek new living and working technologies for homes, offices and shops.

His work immediately gains a transversal status for its application of new living methodologies through a new approach to interior design, which today is acknowledged at an international level. His activities therefore opened up to new creative sectors with large-scale exhibitions in Italy, Holland, German and France.

He served as creative director in high-profile firms in the communications and design sectors. From 1994 he carries out studies and works on the recovery of production waste with the reinterpretation and reclaim of "dead objects" and with installations and trade show events. He carried out important “home space” refurbishment projects with acclaimed examples, as for instance the house of Gèrard Gayou (a well-known art and design critic) in 1998 in Seville.