Renowned for the quality of their materials, with a corrosion-resistant aluminium treatment guaranteed for 25 years, Roger Pradier lighting fixtures bear a label which is confirmed upon use. The checks and standards to which each new piece is subjected back up customers' reviews.

Lighting pioneer, Roger Pradier, manufactures lights with the same know-how passed on from his father. His father started the firm in 1910 in France.
The success of the company Roger Pradier lies, in part, in the preservation of manufacturing techniques derived from tinsmithing, carefully kept by a workforce proud of the activity that they have contributed to growing. Loyal to the different managers that have guided and supported them in their adventure, the workers have become guarantors of a tradition which is nowadays marginal. The manufacture of lanterns such as it was introduced in the early 20th century has grown scarce in France. Training and retaining specialists in this artistic profession is a challenge, despite the passion that drives them.